About Us

Welcome to HCZ Custom Homes, Inc.

Welcome to HCZ Custom Homes, the premier custom home builder in the South Mountain area as well as other areas within metro Phoenix. Our philosophy is simple: quality workmanship, harmony with the community, and relationships which last a lifetime. We live in our own development and have created an extended family with our clients. Not many builders will make that investment.

Our homes are handcrafted from top to bottom. Our subcontractors have been with us on average 10 plus years. From beginning to end we don't skimp on our building process. Our homes are framed with full shear, 2x6 construction, high sear a/c units, upgraded flooring, & granite slabs throughout, just to give you an idea.

The most important thing we want you to have is the interior of your choice. We offer allowances which give you free range to pick and choose. With our guidance, we ensure you will have your own professionally decorated home. The ideas are limitless and our talented professionals provide excellent guidance.

We offer many options at no additional cost to the home buyer, we don't believe in charging for unnecessary "extras." Choose from our many available designs or bring us your plan. Start realizing your dream, build your quality custom home today.